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Physician’s Website

This is an example of a revamped website for a local medical practice, incorporating online appointment scheduling via VCita, Google Reviews integration allowing patients to directly post reviews to the site, and patient testimonials. Nearly every aspect of the site was developed with the practice’s specific requests in mind, while incorporating a modern, clean look. The site was finalized with SEO and traffic monitoring and took approximately four days to complete.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, Astra, Elementor, Pexels, Google Reviews, VCita

Law Firm

The Law Firm’s website is designed to fit the needs for any law firm, or individual practices. All the essential pages have been included to make navigating through the website a breeze and to satisfy potential clients. The website has five easily accessible pages, all of which can be visited using the top navigation menu. Each of those pages are showcased in the slideshow above and illustrate the countless possibilities of customization that are available to a client. Integrated into the ‘Contact Us’ page, is Google Maps, which provides directions, and the address of the law firm. The approximate time to complete this project was 2 days.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, Astra, Elementor, Pexels

Personal Website

This is Jonathan’s personal website, which can be viewed using the link: thejonwong.com. The website caters to individuals or businesses looking to create their own websites. The design of the website follows a modern and easy to navigate layout which greatly enhances user experience. The header displays five unique pages in the order of the home, about, services, portfolio, and contact, all of which have been tailored to keep the user engaged and active when viewing the website.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, Astra, Elementor, Pexels

Personal Website

Katrina’s personal website is an example of a modern, minimalistic site that provides all necessary information while offering an aesthetically pleasing experience for the user. The website features four pages that detail background information, services available, and numerous contact methods. The site incorporates interactive Google Maps integration, contact forms, and a site search bar, and can be found at katrinabliss.com.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, Astra, Elementor, Pexels

Personal Website

This is Trevor’s personal website, thetrevoryee.com, which is tailored for his own personal photography and web development business. The site is easy to navigate, with pages that tell more about him and his business. It was designed to primarily showcase his past photography endeavors, while providing an aesthetically pleasing way for prospective clients to learn more. Under the hood, several changes have been made. Heavy optimization has been done to ensure the page and high-resolution images load promptly, while SEO techniques and Google Analytics have been deployed for monitoring traffic to the site.

Built with: WordPress, CSS, Astra, Elementor, Pexels, Photoshop